Curating Memories: Paris in Winter

Notre Dame at Christmas. Watercolour by David Coggins.

Above Left: Notre Dame at Christmas, 2016. Above Right: Notre Dame at Christmas via David Coggins in Paris in Winter, 2005.

With so many cities around the world to visit, the destination of our family’s annual four-day urban holiday is always up for discussion. This year I managed to successfully negotiate that we go to Paris during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Having heard many times that Paris was beautiful at this time of year — yes, even more than it usually is —  I wanted to confirm the city’s claim in person.

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The Family Romantic

Family Romantic, teenage boy on bench in front of pink building | My Contents Have Shifte
Cheeky from the day he was born, No. 2 Son has become the family romantic.

There are many wonderful things about Permanently Jet Lagged Husband but the family romantic he is not. This is a man who called his girlfriend (me) at work to ask if she thought it was all right if he went to ask her father’s permission for her hand in marriage. Yes, that’s how he proposed to me. Read more

A New Home for Fabulous Fabsters


It’s been quiet here for a few weeks as I have been working on an exciting new project, which I unveil today. It is with great pleasure that I launch Fabulous Fabsters on its own new site,  celebrating women who are FAB — Fifty And Beyond — and sharing their stories. Julie Carlson, editor-in-chief of Remodelista, my good friend and digital mentor, is our first featured Fabster. Have a look at her story and tell us what you think.

Moving forward, I will also continue to be here at “My Contents Have Shifted”, sharing my personal musings on being FAB. Thank you all for your support and I very much looking forward to seeing you in both places.

All the best, Xtine.